Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t. We do not monitor user activity or retain logs on the traffic that you might pass through our services.

However, to enforce the connected devices limit and bandwidth limits, we do log the amount of bandwidth used and when the connection was initiated to when it was terminated. To further protect your privacy, all session logs will be purged every 30 days.

We currently offer our services over OpenVPN, IPSec/L2TP and PPTP protocols. We may plan on offering additional protocols in the future and such changes will be communicated to our customers.

We currently accept PayPal and Cryptocurrencies.

We do. We accept a variety of Cryptocurrencies through our gateway, Coinpayments. Please note that since Coinpayments is handling the cryptocurrency payments, the number of confirmations required for a completed payment may depend on the type of the coin used.

We currently have 3 Locations for our VPN services. We will be adding more in the future!

The answer to that is your ISP might be monitoring your activity and you want to keep your browsing activity hidden from the prying eyes of your ISP. Another reason why you would want a VPN is if you’re heavily reliant on a public Wi-Fi network to save on your mobile data, you certainly don’t want anybody within the range of the public Wi-Fi network to eavesdrop on your browsing activity! By sending your internet traffic and letting us secure your connection to keep hackers away from eavesdropping on your connection!

It is well known that PPTP is not by far the most secure VPN protocol out there, but the reason why we offer PPTP is to maintain legacy compatibility between older devices and to allow for home routers to use our services easily without resorting to expensive enterprise equipment to protect your entire home internet connection from the prying eyes of your ISP.

We do not recommend PPTP for daily usage. PPTP is the last resort connection method for connecting to our services where other VPN protocols are not available on your device that you want to protect your privacy with.

Yes! Because we offer our services over IPSec/L2TP authenticated with a pre-shared key, your device should be able to seamlessly connect to our services without any issues!

We do not restrict or care where you are connecting from, but do keep in mind with the case of Mainland China, our services in there may not function correctly. Usability will depend on how the political climate is and the region where you are connecting from within China.

If you require reliable and unfettered internet connectivity, you may have better luck by purchasing a roaming SIM card from our Hong Kong-based partners. Roaming cellular internet connectivity is not filtered whatsoever as the local operators have no visibility of internet traffic when you are roaming.

Customers connecting from Hong Kong or Macau remains unaffected since a large majority of laws in the People’s Republic of China does not apply in those two Chinese Special Administrative Regions.

Other than filtering outbound SMTP connections on TCP port 25, we do not filter outbound traffic at all.